After entering the offseason, the trade market is now in a state of stagnation. While big-name star deals are difficult, some veteran signings are still going on. According to reports, Bazemore, who played for the Lakers last season, has officially left the team and is currently on a one-year contract with the Kings.

After the Warriors won the championship this year, Bazemore became the object of ridicule. Because in the offseason last year, he rejected the Warriors’ two-year, 8 million contract extension, believing that the Lakers have a better chance of winning the championship than the Warriors.Chelsea Hemma tröja 2022

However, after joining the Lakers with a minimum salary, the Lakers did not even enter the playoffs, but the Warriors won the championship. Not only that, in the 2013-14 season, Bazemore joined the Warriors and finally left the team, and the Warriors won the championship in the second season.Vit Real Madrid hemmatröja för barn

Facing the ridicule of the fans, Bazemore was still stubborn and chose to fight back. He said that he should not make fun of himself with the championship. His gains in the Lakers are far more valuable and meaningful than this.

2 years, 8 million plus the championship, not the basic salary, go to the Lakers, in the end, get something more valuable than the championship, what did you get?

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