Brady is a great quarterback. However, Brady faced marital issues and one of the toughest seasons since the start of the new season. Especially the current state of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the team record is only 3 wins and 3 losses. This data really worries fans wearing NFL jerseys. To this end, Brady himself responded. He remains optimistic about his next game and says he won’t be retiring anytime soon.Minnesota Vikings Trikot

No matter how great a team or player is, they will go through a period of lows, and as fans who support them, they quietly wait for them to get out of the lows. Fans can wear Tom Brady jerseys and continue to support them. “I don’t think anyone’s happy when they lose,” Brady said. “They’re trying to play their game and play their normal game.”Günstige Atlanta Falcons Trikots

Brady said he loves the game, it is his dream to continue playing football, and he will not consider retiring in the future.

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