After the team nearly completed the trade, the Arizona Cardinals launched a sign-and-extension program. Last year, the Arizona Cardinals had a fierce battle for players in the summer signing event. Unfortunately, when the game was halfway through, the players were injured and eliminated, resulting in a straight drop in the results. The Arizona Cardinals pulled out of a tough trade this summer, silently planning a brighter future.

Although many people are not optimistic about Kyler Murray’s strength, the Arizona Cardinals signed him with a high salary. Kyler Murray thanks the team for the recognition and loves this Arizona Cardinals jersey. Maybe not everyone currently recognizes Kyler Murray’s ability, but he will show good results in the new season to prove it. The Arizona Cardinals have continued to re-sign players for the team these days, and the coach currently has no plans to sign any other players.

After last season’s events, the Cardinals will target existing players in the new season, and the coach will do his best to tap the potential of the players. The Arizona Cardinals have signed a lot of excellent players in the past two years, but unfortunately the team’s performance did not cause much sensation. So now the team has decided to pin its hopes on these existing players and have them put on jerseys to work hard together and foster a more self-evident cooperative spirit.

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