Barcelona is no longer focused on sending De Jong away. Although selling De Jong is the quickest way for Barcelona to balance their finances, Barcelona know that De Jong is not willing to compromise.

De Jong wants to continue wearing the Barcelona shirt. Even when the pressure from all parties was the greatest before, De Jong never wavered in his choice. He never showed the slightest interest in Manchester United and Chelsea.

De Jong, who wears cheap jerseys, has lost his status in Barcelona. He was put on the transfer market this year. It is an incredible thing for him, which is completely different from the feeling he was signed by Barcelona at the time.

In recent weeks, De Jong has even negotiated his own salary with the club, and it is clear that De Jong would rather take a pay cut than leave Barcelona.

De Jong wants to play in the Champions League, and Manchester United obviously can’t meet his requirements, and Chelsea are not so hard to sign De Jong. For himself, it seemed better to stay at Barca.

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