ChristianVo’s Red K joined his teammates in Montreal Canadiens, and recorded the first hat trick in his career, winning the Holy 7: 4. Louis Blues means different things to him, and he will always remember. The victory of two consecutive games made Montreal Canadian confidence, and they brought the victory into the next game.

At the last moment of the third quarter, Christiandvoêák scored, he was also the first goal of this season. His pass from the opponent’s offense and showed his power. No one expected last season. The Montreal Canadian team started. Davat was injured and had to take a break, but when he returned to court on the NHL hockey jersey, he quietly surprised everyone. Match Z..Calgary Flames Trøjer Johnny Gaudreau 13

Now, Dvoskick is a good creator of the game. Everyone always underestimates him, but his power cannot cover his light. This is one of the best players in the team. The first goal this season helps him to start. While respecting his opponent, he will attack everywhere.billige Winnipeg jets trøjer

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