NBA Brooklyn Nets issued a statement, star Kevin Durant decided to stay with the Nets.

The team and Durant agreed to move forward with the partnership, according to the statement. The Nets said: The two sides have a common goal of building a lasting team that will bring Brooklyn a championship.

Dramatically, just hours before the announcement, league sources said the Nets had not changed their offer for Durant.

From Durant’s first trade application on June 30, the clear pursuit of the Suns, Heat, and Raptors, to the rumors with the Warriors and the Celtics’ highest offer, after Durant reiterated the trade, the 76ers, Grizzlies, Grizzlies Entered again.

But the Nets have not let go from beginning to end, either to get the equivalent value around Durant and complete the transaction, or to keep Durant. In the end, the 53-day transfer farce ended with Durant staying in the team.

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