When it comes to Poole and Wiggins’ contract extensions, Warriors fans can’t laugh at it. The bad news is that the Warriors and team reporters gave a pessimistic attitude when talking about the future of the two. It is reported that the Warriors are about to start negotiating a contract extension with Poole, but the prospects are still unclear.

The team reporter also said that if the Warriors don’t think they can keep Wiggins and Poole at the same time, then they are likely to start considering a Wiggins trade plan.

Brother Zui and Wiggins are both the favorites of Warriors fans. It was a good thing that they both played their worth last season, but the Warriors’ salary space can no longer afford two more big contracts with maximum salary. Wiggins’ annual salary will reach $33 million next season, and the annual salary will be close to 40 million after the maximum salary extension.

I still remember in the locker room after the Warriors won the championship, Wiggins and Poole swayed champagne excitedly, shouting “We will get a big contract!” Now, it seems that the champagne of victory is somewhat bitter.

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