Golden State’s Draymond Green doesn’t look smart, but he’s a smart NBA player. He could start as a second-round pick in the NBA draft until he can win four championships. Draymond Green’s favorite is the Golden State Warriors jersey, which he believes should be extended as much as possible.

This summer, when the team faced many extension questions, Draymond Green surprised the team and fans by offering the maximum extension. Like Deandre Ayton with the Phoenix Suns last season, he wants a max contract. But DeAndre Ayton got his wish this offseason, with the Phoenix Suns offering him the biggest contract extension. After all, the future of the Phoenix Suns depends on DeAndre Ayton and Devin Booker, two cores the team knows very well about building. DeAndre Ayton will not be able to join the Indiana Pacers after completing his contract extension, and he will be able to continue to have a Phoenix Suns jersey. But Draymond Green wasn’t as lucky as DeAndre Ayton, and his contract extension wasn’t the most important thing for Golden State.Barcelona Auswärts trikot 2022

Draymond Green just wanted to put more pressure on the Golden State Warriors, and the players came up with the idea of ​​a pay raise after the team won a championship. Draymond Green has had a successful NBA career with four stars, seven defensive teams and a Defensive Player of the Year. These personal honors depend on his flexible mind. Draymond Green got his first overtime because he was an asset the team couldn’t live without, and this time he wasn’t absolutely needed.schwarzes psg messi 30 trikotset für kinder

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