Josh Donne is a young teenager. He is only 20 years old this year. He was selected by the Arizona Wolves in the second round last season. The outside world is very concerned about the future development of the teenager. Since he is Shane Doan’s son, fans have high hopes for him. Josh Doan’s father also retired with the Arizona Coyotes and wears NHL jersey #19.

Now that Josh Donne has also chosen to join the Arizona Coyotes, Josh Donne’s jersey number is also very popular among fans. However, Josh Donne ended up not opting for his father’s No. 19 jersey, instead donning the No. 91 jersey. “I put ’19’ on the back of my dad’s Arizona Coyotes jersey all my life, just to cheer him on,” he said. He let Josh Doan work hard to carve his own path with the Coyotes. It would be cool for him to own a jersey that belongs to No. 91 and be part of that organization.

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