Cristiano Ronaldo has once again become the focus of attention in recent days. He has had conflicts with the club because of his bombardment of Manchester United club executives and coaches.

It is reported that Manchester United is considering the possibility of terminating the contract with Ronaldo. The club hopes that he will not return to the team after the World Cup.Maillot Ronaldo rouge pour enfant

Ronaldo’s departure from the team seems to be a certainty, but where he will go is still unknown.

According to reports, Ronaldo hopes to return to Madrid to play. It was previously reported that he might join Atletico Madrid, but Atletico Madrid could not afford the cost of introducing him.Maillot des champions de la Supercoupe d’Europe

Real Madrid has never expressed the hope that Ronaldo will return, but Benzema’s injury has changed the situation. Florentino is looking for a striker, while Ronaldo’s relationship with Real Madrid has been repaired.

Florentino believes that if Ronaldo joins, then after Benzema recovers, Ronaldo will become a supporting role, which may be unacceptable to him.

However, Ronaldo’s requirements are not high. He hopes to return to Real Madrid to play for half a year before considering other situations. Now to see how the situation develops.

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