A player’s success lies not only in his quality, but also in the respect he receives after he leaves the team. Russell Wilson left the Seattle Seahawks, but many teammates are still very grateful to him. Russell Wilson’s decade with the Seattle Seahawks was not only an honor on the court, but also his contribution to the city of Seattle. Even though Russell Wilson is no longer wearing a Seattle Seahawks jersey, people in the city are very happy that he is on the court again.

With six days left until the Seattle Seahawks-Denver Broncos game, Russell Wilson thanked fans for their support and encouragement. Russell Wilson’s fascination is not just his performance on the court, but his selfless dedication. Russell Wilson didn’t expect to put on a Denver Broncos jersey for the first time and return to a familiar court to face a familiar teammate. Maybe that’s the test of Russell Wilson’s career, the weight he has to overcome to get to the next level.

When reporters interviewed veteran Seattle Seahawks players, they all agreed that they would be happy to play Russell Wilson again. While they no longer wear the same NFL jerseys, Russell Wilson’s contributions to the team will forever be remembered in Seattle Seahawks history. The Seattle Seahawks players are excited to have Russell Wilson back at Lumen Field, where they will have a meaningful game. Seattle Seahawks fans will take the opportunity to say goodbye to their idol this summer when Russell Wilson left the team without a grand farewell ceremony.

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