The Philadelphia Eagle team currently maintains a victory in the entire NFL league, and they have achieved six consecutive victories. In this round, the Dallas Cowboy team also lost to the Philadelphia Eagles, so it ended the previous winning record of the three games. If you review the opponent of the Philadelphia Eagles in six games this season, they must still meet a powerful team. Except for the Mingnesu Dawei Beijing people, the other five teams are ranked tenth.maillot nfl Homme

Not everyone is optimistic about the strength of the Philadelphia Eagle team, but they can only feel the happiness of the team. The Philadelphia Eagles’ next two games played against the poor Pittsburgh Steelman and Washington Commander to compete with the Green Bay Packaging Workers on November 28. These players of the Philadelphia Eagle Team jersey are very dissatisfied, and everyone estimates that they have no real power.Maillot NFL Minnesota Vikings

Under the leadership of head coach Nick Sirianni, the Philadelphia Eagles have been greatly improved. After more than a year of training and improvement, the strength of players has been stable. After Nick Sirianni came to the Faladelphia Eagles, he initially replaced Carson Wentz to get other draft rights. In the end, Carson Wentz wore Indianapolis jersey, but changed the Washington Commander again a season. Judging from the performance of the Philadelphia Eagles this season, Nick Sirianni made the right decision. Carson Wentz lost the last round of match against the Philadelphia Eagles, so how will he defend himself in the next game?

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