Kyle Shanahan gave Jimmy Garoppolo a chance last season, but he couldn’t avoid injury in the end. The San Francisco 49ers have officially brought in new quarterback Trey Lance for the new season, and the team isn’t looking to wait for Jimmy Garoppolo’s chance. Jimmy Garoppolo underwent offseason shoulder surgery, and his strength has only waned after injury after injury. Coach Kyle Shanahan is more confident in his own strength after last season’s experience with Trelance.

At present, Kyle Shanahan is trying his best to stimulate the potential of Trey Lance, increase his physical training, improve his running ability and physical fitness. Trey Lance looked even more energetic in a San Francisco 49ers jersey after being recognized by the team. Trey Lance is very optimistic about the new tactics of coach Kyle Shanahan, and will try to adapt to the usual situational adaptability of different games. This is Trey Lance’s first NFL jersey in the NFL, and he hopes to play well.

Jimmy Garoppolo was mentally prepared when he drafted Trey Lance from the San Francisco 49ers, so he doesn’t seem too disappointed. Jimmy Garoppolo knew he couldn’t meet the team’s demands, so even if he had to go to the bench, he didn’t complain. The San Francisco 49ers currently have no plans to trade Jimmy Garoppolo as Trey Lance still needs time to improve. With the changing roles of Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo this season, what will the San Francisco 49ers get after starting and bench trades?

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